Since the dawn of man, it has starred up into the night skies in awe and confusion. Without any idea of the nature of the planets like ours that also orbit the Sun, throughout history they have been heavenly objects of imagination and admiration. Over the years, man has learned a lot about Venus, but it stays as intriguing as ever. Now that we've flown above it, studied it 'up close and personal', the next logical step seems to be... living on it. 

The easiest solution to colonizing Venus would be in floating cities a top the clouds.  A Venus colony floating in this region could remain untethered to the ground and move with the atmosphere. Allowing a colony to move freely would also reduce structural stress from the wind. Venus' soil may contain 150 times more deuterium than Earth’s soil.  Deuterium is useful in nuclear fusion reactions.  Building a Venus colony to mine deuterium, would generate a massive rush to Venus for mining.

DON'T MISS OUT ON THE VENUS LAND RUSH TO MINE DEUTERIUM!  Yes, the Venus Land rush is nearly here! You too can become a Venus Land owner today by acquiring land on Venus. What could be the greatest gift other than giving someone an acre of Venus? For the average everyday person one acre parcel of Venus Land is an excellent gift and great conversation piece when hanging on the wall in a nice frame.

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