Since the dawn of man, it has stared into the sky in awe and confusion. Without any idea of the nature of this celestial body, Io possesses an abundance of geothermal power.  Over the years, man has learned a lot about this Moon of Jupiter, but it stays as intriguing as ever. Now that we've flown around it, and, studied it 'up close and personal', the next logical step seems to be... harvesting its geothermal power. 

In certain ways, the colonization of Io would be relatively easy using the geothermal energy to create an electromagnetic field so we could protect the colony.  If we did put electromagnets in orbit, space elevators would have to be made to transfer the geothermal power to the orbiting electromagnets. 

Yes, the need for Geothermal Energy is finally here!  You too can become wealthy as an Io Land owner today by acquiring land on this Moon’s surface. Give the gift that is loved by millions of everyday people from around the world. What could be the greatest gift other than giving someone an acre of Io, a Moon of Jupiter? For the average everyday person one acre parcel of Io’s Land is an excellent gift and great conversation piece when hanging on the wall in a nice frame.

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